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Week 2 Questions that I am answering in Week 4

January 30, 2016

Here are the 10 Questions and Answers from week 2. These relate to my 2nd week composition, An HYMM. I am still fussing with the harmony, though I am set on the melody and like it. The piece sounds like a national anthem or a hymn, so I played with those words and the program I am in Harness Your Muse (HYMM), to come up with the title.

Week 2 Wrap up Reflections
1. Am I bored?  No, definitely not bored; very busy with trying to harmonize this tune.

2. The Siren Song - describe your Siren song this week: From what I have gathered on Wikipedia (of course), the Sirens are the muses of the lower world. Their song is indescribably beautiful, being both sweet and sad. Their song is difficult to resist, but if one follows, the result is fatal. It feels a bit coincidental that the Sirens lost out in a singing competition to the Muses. I will have to remember that message. If I follow my muse, the sirens will not succeed. So, back to the question of whether I heard the Sirens during the week. The siren for me, was overthinking the harmony, to the extent that I wasn’t practicing the tune. It took 3 days to get the melody, and over a week to come up with 4 renditions. And every time I think its right, something is off and I think that I have tried to do too much.
 3. The Harpies - Are there any Harpies in your room this week?  What are they doing? The Harpies the unpleasant, shrill women, that appear to be half woman and half bird. The unpleasant and shrill voices last week, were the constant fretting, the questioning of how to harmonize well that ran through every work session, the struggle with harmonizing the melody.

4. SAFE HARBOR: Do you see a safe harbor?  What does it look like? It felt so great when the melody was done; I had the sense that was the hardest part of the composition, and getting that behind me so I could attend to the harmony.
5. OBJECTIVE:  Do I have a place I'm heading, or am I just going to let the wind take me today; this week? I wanted to compose in a major key, and have the product all mine; not use another arrangement as my inspiration.

 6. BEING DONE:  How did I know it was time to come ashore? I didn’t know; overwork to point of frustration and couldn’t stop.

 7. TIMING: Was there any time of the day I was DRAWN to do this? Morning is always better, and I found that I heard the tune when I was away from the music/composing. Woke up every morning more pleased with my melody and the variations.

 8. HARPIES:  What are the mean things I said to myself? Who wants a tune that sounds like a national anthem, or a hymn, especially in beginning; also I don’t have a clue about harmonizing as a choir would sing the song; and the song feels like it should be sung; no words yet; and how do I make this for the harp; how do I compose to best advantage of harp; Hey, this is a repeat of #2 above.

 9. FUN-TEDIOUS QUOTIENT:  If 1 is tedious and 10 is Funissimo, where were you? 1 and 10; because, I had lots of frustration with Finale program, but very pleased with that melody despite myself; and initially I scoffed at the idea of a hymn or anthem
10. WHO AM I AS A COMPOSER RIGHT NOW? Melody is not as difficult as the arrangement that suits my ear and the harp;
 Did I do warmups?  No and I miss practicing, but no time.

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