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NamePieces use the letters in a name to compose music. They are commissioned for celebrations, such as Weddings, Anniversaries, Graduations, Birthdays, Baby Showers and Baptisms - any time you want a one-of-a-kind, custom-made gift that becomes a lasting tribute to the people you love.


I began composing NamePieces in 2014, and they enchanted listeners as well as the gift recipients. In 2017 my NamePiece, "Neshama", won 2nd place in an international composition competition. My book of compositions entitled "NamePieces" is soon to be released. 


When you commission a NamePiece, you will be getting a composition created from the name(s) of the person or people who will receive your gift. The   gift includes the manuscript, a recording of the piece played by the composer which can be posted on Youtube, or available as an MP3 on iTunes; all of which can be shared with family and friends. The music manuscript which you can sign and frame, includes the letters of the name so you can see how the name was used - for example in the case of a marriage or anniversary,  I entwine the names musically to symbolize the union. In a recent NamePiece for a baby, I used the names of the parents and the babies together to suggest a family.


You can listen to some examples of my NamePiece compositions here:  

A NamePiece is a unique and personal gift that will be a lasting tribute. 

You will give the gift of a piece of music created from the name of a person. The NamePiece will be performed on harp and recorded so that it can be posted on Youtube, or available as an mp3 on iTunes. A copy of the actual music with the letters of the name shown will also be provided and can be framed. Here are some examples:                     .


You can listen to some examples of the NamePieces I have composed here.        One of my NamePieces was a finalist in an international composition completion. 

The price for a NamePiece ranges from $1750.00 to $3,500. 

Contact me to Commission a NamePiece: 


      Their Names Will Become Music